Speech Add-on Utility for MS-Windows

Clip&Talk 2.0

Clip&Talk adds speech ability to existing Windows applications, such as word processors, spread sheet programs, E-mail readers, Web browsers, ... and more.

System requirements: IBM PC or compatible computer, Windows 3.1x/95/98/NT, Windows compatible sound card.


Trial Version Download:

Clip&Talk 2.0 (Trial Version) download (627,050 bytes)
Clip&Talk 2.0 (Trial Version) download (627,050 bytes)
Clip&Talk 2.0 (Trial Version) download (627,050 bytes)

Prices Information:
$30.00 ($25.00 if ordered by sending checks to PC WholeWare directly). Shipping/Handling included.

How to order:

Clip&Talk ordering information

Voice Font:
"usenm08a.wsf" is the male voice font made from the speech data of the early versions. To use it with the Clip&Talk 2.0, please follow these steps:

(1) Copy the file "usenm08a.wsf" to the directory where your program is installed (usually "c:\clntk").
(2) Start the Clip&Talk 2.0 program.
(3) Click the "Voice Font" from the Main menu bar to bring up the "Select VOICE FONT to use" dialog window.
(4) Select the "usenm08a.wsf" as the file to use.

Voice font file (usenm08a.wsf) download (299,301 bytes)

Chat Mate 1.1
A front-end utility program to work with Clip&Talk 2.0 to produce speech in chat rooms provided by online service systems such as AOL and WOW. Can also be used for monitoring text changes in other applications.

Chat Mate 1.1 download (22,615 bytes)

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