Interactive Multimedia Authoring Software for MS-Windows

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SLIM SHOW  3.3.1

SLIM SHOW lets you create professional, interactive multimedia Windows programs without writing any code. Programs created with SLIM SHOW are compact and efficient (stand alone program size starts at only 60 KB).

Applications: Presentation, Advertisement, Trade show display, Corporate Imaging, Demo, Tutorial, Storyboard, E-catalog, E-book, E-card, E-album, E-newsletter, Educational program.

System requirements: IBM PC or compatible computer (486/33 of faster CPU with 8 MB or more RAM recommended), Windows 3.1x/95/98/NT (3.51 or 4.0)/2000, VGA with 256 colors or better graphic card, Windows compatible sound card (needed to hear the audio part).



SLIM SHOW 3.3.1 (Trial Edition) download (packed in self-extract EXE) (1,403,761 bytes)
SLIM SHOW 3.3.1 (Trial Edition) download (packed in ZIP) (1,344,826 bytes)
SLIM SHOW 3.3.1 (Trial Edition) download (packed in ZIP) (1,344,826 bytes)

(With self-extract EXE package, the file runs and installs automatically. With ZIP package, you need to unzip the file in an empty directory and then run setup.)

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Visit SLIM SHOW support page for upgrades, add-on utilities, tutorials.

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